World’s Most Expensive Virginities

Human beings are smart enough to sell things which are demanded. Due to social stigma and owing to man’s primal instincts, virginity is one of those things which are revered by the men and most men would love to spend millions just to enjoy a few tissues of skin being broken during intercourse, apparently.

A few women came up with the idea of selling their v-cards and millions of men lined up for the auction.

1. Cathy Cobblerson:

In 2004, 24-year old girl from Texas auctioned her virginity for $100,000 on eBay which was later taken down.



2. Rosie Reid:

In the same year as the former, 18 year old from London sold her Virginity to a bidder for £8,400 for reasons unknown. It is reported that she was a lesbian and the next morning after the deed, she and her lover, cried and cried all morning.


3. Graciela Yataco:

She had to pay her mother’s bills, and support her younger brother’s education. So this 18 year old model from Peru went to auction her V-card for $1,300,000.