Woman Who Predicted the Fall of The Twin Towers Has Bad News for 2016 And There’s More.

Just when she was 16 years old, her predictions had started. The first vision came to her when she helped her father find the sheep that was stolen from the flock. She gave an accurate description of the exact place where the thieves had kept the sheep, without letting anyone know about it.

However, her powers got their platform when she turned 30. She was personally visited by different statesmen and Adolf Hitler was one of them, who were mesmerized by her predictions. Those, who left her house, seemed upset and disturbed.

Even though she died in the year 1996, the catastrophes as well as events that she had predicted during her life turned out to be true. Two of the most major catastrophes she had predicted were the fall of the Twin Towers and the tsunami in 2004.

The biggest fear is that her prediction for 2016 was that Europe will be invaded by Muslims. According to her predictions, China will get all the power to lead the world, replacing the United States as well, by the year 2018. Also, the very same year, a ‘new form of energy’ on Venus will come into the picture.

Her predictions also stated that things will worsen for America and the last president of the country will be an African American. When she predicted the fall of the Twin Towers in 1989, she said ‘Horror Horror!’

Her predictions have unfortunately always come true. On 11th September 2001, the Twin Towers were attacked by the planes driven by horrifying terrorists.

She had also predicted tsunami in Thailand, when she said that a huge wave would rise and villages and all the people in them would disappear.

Baba Vanga had also predicted that a great Islamic war will take place in Syria in 2043.

In 1980, one of the most shocking things that she predicted was that Kursk would be covered with water in 2000 and the entire world would weep due to the same. At first, she didn’t make any sense. However, in 2000, Russia had named its nuclear submarine after Kursk city; it disappeared and the whole city could drown in water.

The woman had also predicted a few exotic things like a war on Mars in the year 3005; she also stated that in 2130, the aliens will help people to breathe and survive underwater.

The most shocking and scary prediction of this woman will appear in the year 3797, when no survivors will be found on Earth. It will be an apocalypse in which the human race will end on Earth. However, due to the advancement, there will be another planet to live on.

This is her list of predictions for the near and distant future:

  • 2016- Europe will be invaded by Muslims
  • 2023- The Earth’s orbit will drastically change
  • 2025- The Europe population will disappear because of wars
  • 2028- People will attempt to find other sources of energy to Earth by traveling to other planets like Venus
  • 2033- The poles will melt and the water level will raise
  • 2076- Communism will return to Europe and the rest of the world
  • 2084-Nature will be reborn
  • 2100-As a result of a scientific project in 2008, a new artificial sun will illuminate the dark side of the planet, which will use nuclear energy.
  • 2130- Our planet might be visited by extraterrestrial civilizations
  • 2170- There will be a global drought
  • 2187- Eruption of two large volcanoes
  • 2262- A comet threatens Mars
  • 2480- The Earth is in total darkness after two artificial suns collide
  • 3005- The trajectory of the planet will be changed by a war on Mars
  • 3010-The Earth will be covered with ashes and rocks because a comet will reach the Moon
  • 3797-The Earth dies but mankind has sufficiently advanced to move to a new solar system.
  • 5079-End of the Universe

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