15 Weird Amazon Items: The Strangest Items for Sale on

While may have almost every product you could possibly want for sale, they have shown a bit of an odd side to their nature as well.  Below are some of the strangest items for sale on Amazon:

1# Obama Toilet Paper

Want to have a picture of the president to hang in your bathroom? (source)

Obama Toilet Paper


2# Infant Circumcision Trainer, White 

I kid you not!  An infant circumcision practice doll.  And it comes complete with replacements, if you get my drift.  Hey, practice makes perfect, right? (source)

Infant Circumcision Trainer

3# Deer Rear Bottle Opener

Now this is the perfect gift for the husband who marches off with rifle in hand every time deer hunting season comes around.  (source)

Bottle Opener