The Definitive List of the Most Unlikely & Unusual Deaths all through History

Death is something that everybody has to face in life at some or the other point. Most people wish for a peaceful and painless death. A few people, however, hope to end this journey in a rage of audacious blaze. There are few who wish to leave the world with their boots still on. It’s better to face whatever comes! Most of us will be consumed by either old age or a heart failure…with the exception of these people. They died in the most bizarre and unbelievable way possible–

1) 455 BC: Aeschylus, the Athenian author was killed when a tortoise was dropped on his head by an eagle.


2) 1327: King Edward II of England was brutally murdered by a horn pushed through his anus. This was not the end. All of his insides were burnt by pushing a red hot iron inside him.


3) 1567: Hans Steininger, the burgomaster of Braunau, died after breaking his neck by tripping on his own 4.5ft long beard.


4) 1771: The King of Sweden, Adolf Frederick, ate himself to death by having one insanely big meal.


5) 1871: Clement Vallandigham, an Ohio lawyer shot himself accidentally trying to prove how the man he was defending instead of murdering could have shot himself. Vallandigham died from the wound but the defendant was proved innocent.