7 unhealthiest habits

Sleeping through the night with full make-up on

Those foundations are nothing but chemicals which are rather an irritation for your skin and have no better effects. In fact going through the day with them itself is very harmful, let alone going 24hours. They clog the pores and don’t allow enough perspiration to leave the body. This causes bacteria to form and pimples occur. Skin blemishes and pimples are therefore a result of your own habit, if you do so.

img via nytimes

img via nytimes

Chewing your nails off

Nails are the storehouse of dirt. Nothing accumulates dirt as nicely as your nails do, if you want a taste of all the dirt, you might as well bite you nails. But be warned that this is one of the many causes of gastro inflectional diseases. Plus, it deforms your nails and makes them rough, also damages the outer layer of your teeth. Bacteria get inside your stomach through this method.

Wearing flat shoes or high heels

Both of these are bad actually. While the effects of high heels are more visible – it causes aches and foot sprains, the effects of wearing flat shoes are not more visible but more effective to say the least. It causes plantar fasciitis – more so if the flat shoe does not have anything to cushion your feet.