True Meanings of 10 Common Tattoos

7. Tear Drop Tattoo

A tear drop tattoo is basically subject to interpretation, but it’s said to be related to prison.  Usually it is a sign that wearer has killed someone, and the number of tears can stand for the number of people the wearer has killed.


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8.  Star Tattoos

Star tattoos stand for a light in the dark, but can represent hope too.  Shooting stars symbolize a fleeting moment in one’s life, that still left its mark.


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9. Butterflies Tattoos

Butterflies indicate change.  A metamorphosis or sorts.  This tells the world that life has been hard in the past, but the wearer is a better person because of it.


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10. Tree Tattoo

Trees are the eternal sign of fortitude and the ability to bounce back.  If the tattoo is that of the “Tree of Life” it means immortality and wisdom.


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