True Meanings of 10 Common Tattoos

3. Skull tattoo

The meaning of a skull tattoo is obvious, death, rotting bodies and darkness, but there are several other meanings for them too.  What’s called a “Sugar Skull” may stand for death, but can also be a reminder to celebrate life before death comes.  Skulls set one on top of the other can mean the defeating of obstacles.


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4. Nautical Star

Originally the nautical star was a tattoo for sailors who believed it brought good luck, protection and guidance.  When homosexuality was not yet widely accepted, this tattoo was also used by lesbian women as a type of code for their homosexuality.

Nautical Star

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5.  Feather Tattoo

Feathers too have multiple meanings.  Usually it stands for luck and freedom.  In Native American cultures, however, it can be a tribute to one’s ancestors.


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6. Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo can mean many things, all communicated by the type of dragon showed in the design.  For example, Chinese dragons are good, a symbol of luck and success, but a Celtic dragon is a noble symbol of protection and a warrior spirit.


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