This hotel offers a diploma to anyone who manages an overnight stay here

The Snow Hotel:

As depicted by the headline, we can assume how interesting that would be to spend a night in a hotel and get your diploma ready in a minute. Here, we are telling about a hotel which is a very unique and a famous hotel. It is different from the way you see:

Situated in Rovaniemi in Finland, The Snow Hotel is famous for its chilling temperature. The Hard Company is said to be giving a diploma to those who will spend a night in this chilling hotel. This hotel is made up from snow and is refurbished every year. It owes a temperature of zero degree. The thermometer at the entrance of the main gate is enough to scare the hell out of the visitors.



This hotel is made up of ice and even at a temperature of zero degree C, this hotel makes it easier to stay with its lights and atmosphere.

This hotel is famous for its decorations. Despite of being beautiful, this hotel comprises of seats covered with carpets made up of Animal’s fur. It makes it exciting as well as comfortable while the guests can enjoy their dinner there with warm drinks in the bar.