11 strange things happen when you consume sugar

9. Sugar sucks energy out of you: Studies say that it will take you just 30 minutes from feeling the effects of the sugar rush and from feeling energy-less and irritable again.

Smart tip: Eat Gluten-free oats and whole wheat breads instead of the usual sugary items.

10. Sugar may be the reason for your depression: Researchers have now found a new link with sugar and depression. People who are resistant to insulin have a lower level of dopamine release in the brain.

Smart tip: Use small methods to curb your sugar intake. It won’t take a day, if you are an addict, but try still.


11. Sugar makes your face look aged: It literally ages your skin as it forms a molecule called Advanced Glycation End products. This disrupts the antioxidants in your system and makes you look older than your age.

Smart tip: Avoid natural sweeteners high in fructose.



(H/T: prevention)