The Most Insane Body Piercings Ever

The Most Insane Body Piercings Ever

Sometimes people deliberately mark their bodies with tattoos or piercings.  Not just something small, but something that can’t be missed.  Perhaps they’re seeking attention, or maybe they want to make some sort of statement.  Who knows.  It could be for any number of reasons.  But here are some examples of people who have gone above and beyond the word extreme with their body piercings:

 1. Satan’s Minion

This look just might give the devil himself pause, but Sally is proud to look like one of Satan’s minions.  Must be something about the horns.  Hmmmm.

Satan's Minion piercings


2.  Real Life Wolverine

Who’s the world’s biggest X-Men fan?  Give you one guess.  Unfortunately for this guy, he doesn’t have Wolverine’s healing ability so he had to go through considerable pain while the piercings healed!

Real Life Wolverine1

Real Life Wolverine


3.  Pound Nose Piercing

Talk about being led around by the nose!  Well, this guy has just the adornment for  that.  Wonder how many bulls he’s scared lately.

Pound Nose Piercing

Pound Nose Piercing1