The mindboggling creation of a human life

The birth of another human being is miraculous in its very nature. We never truly get to see what happens; even if there were ultrasound systems and other apparatus, the real work remains behind the veil. But nevertheless, those grainy black and white images of the ultrasounds, give us a major boost. I remember seeing the images of a baby back in the school days, during my biology classes. In those days, the baby appeared to me more of an alien than a real child.

Thanks to the new modern technology, much of the baby forming stages are now known to us – shown and generated by real time images. We can now fully understand what occurs during pregnancy. We do not need the black and white grainy images anymore – the entire thing can be seen unfolding in front of our very own eyes.

You don’t need to learn the step by step descriptions either. Just watch the whole video here. It is really difficult not to reflect upon this amazing process once you see it. Life forming inside life – it makes you ponder upon it. How we fully transform into grown babies, from just one egg – it is mind blowing. No wonder the video creator has a great sense of the larger scheme of this video. He has chosen a heartening track to go along with it. It is a sign of huge relief for the parents who will be able to show this video to their kids when explaining to them about the birds and bees.

H/T : youtube