A Teenager’s Facebook Post Cost Her Dad $80,000

However, just before everything could be finalized, Snay’s daughter put the ugly remark boasting about her father’s almost won case due to which the school sent a letter to the man stating that since the deal had been publicly disclosed, he would not receive the check of the full settlement. It was a confidential matter and was not supposed to be disclosed to anyone at all, including the professional advisers.

Since Snay’s daughter had 1200 followers on her profile and the message spread to each one of them, the contract between her father and the school got broken and hence the school backed out on its decision to pay the settlement.

According to Snay, his daughter has had quite a few psychological scars due to Gulliver and had also undergone a therapy for the same. Since it was a very intricate matter, he, and his wife, had to disclose it to their daughter. They had no idea that she would retaliate against Gulliver in such a way.


In the end, the entire family is now suffering the loss of the case that they had already got in their hands. The court has straight away said that the terms of the contract have been violated.

via cnn