Some of the Weirdest Laws From Around the World

#11  Firefighters must predict the future

Firefighters in Ohio are charged with predicting the future. All fire hydrants must be checked exactly one hour before a fire starts.


via defenceimages

These are just a sample of some of the downright stupid and senseless laws that exist out there. The list is really endless, from not being permitted to park your flying saucer in a vineyard in France, to being forbidden to die in parliament in Britain, to not being allowed to wink at a strange woman in Iowa, to requiring permission from the mayor of the city in Oklahoma if you are a dog and wish to have a group gathering consisting of three or more dogs. But Oklahoma also protects its dogs from people making faces at them. If you do that to a dog in this state you can be fined or even imprisoned.

What were the people who created these laws thinking or drinking, is unknown, maybe they just wanted to give the public a good laugh. Well, whatever their motives, they certainly succeeded when it comes to the laughter.