We all know that in general laws are for the good of the entire population, that’s why even if they’re annoying we tolerate them. But sometimes laws are just plain strange or stupid. Here are some prime examples:

#1 Sleeping Polar Bears

If you are a resident of the state of Alaska and stumble upon a polar bear you’d like to have a photograph with, just don’t wake it up, otherwise you’ll be breaking the law.


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#2 Escape from Prison

At the top of the list of laws written by imbeciles is Denmark. Three cheers for criminals there! We complain here in the United States that prisoners have it too easy, but Denmark really knows how to treat them grand. You see, if anyone tries to escape from jail there and is caught, as usually happens, you don’t have to be concerned at all, because escaping from prison there is not a crime. If you’re caught in the act of attempting to flee you’ll simply be returned to your cell to serve out the remainder of your sentence without any additional punishment.


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