Secrets Girls Keep Under Wraps Because They Don’t Want Guys to Know


13.  Girls Can Talk to Each Other Without Saying a Word

It’s really almost eerie how girls can communicate without talking.  They’ve become geniuses at using their eyes, facial expressions, and possibly a little telepathy to have totally silent conversations.  This method works even better when done between good friends.


14.  Once They Have a Steady Relationship Girls Let Themselves Go 

Girls often make their looks the central part of their lives because they want to appeal to the guys.  Once they have found someone they want to be with and they are committed to each other, there is no longer any pressure to look your best.  Thus girls relax their vigilance and go easier on themselves, which translates into eating more and exercising less.


15.  Girls In a Bun or Ponytail Haven’t Showered

Although girls are fond of criticizing guys when they don’t observe good hygiene habits, they can be just as guilty.  Fact is girls will pass on taking a shower just as often as guys will, but can cover it up easier by concealing their dirty hair in a bun or ponytail and adding lots of perfume.

So you see, girls really are quite mysterious themselves.  Ah, but fellas you love them anyway, don’t you?