Secrets Girls Keep Under Wraps Because They Don’t Want Guys to Know


10. Girls Want a Little Mystery in a Relationship 

Girls are more romantic than guys.  Which means that they tend to idealize a relationship from the start.  Thus they are prone to boredom once the novelty wears off and you become a couple.  It’s because once you’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, they lose that sense of intrigue and excitement that envelops any new relationship.  Girls actually crave a sense of mystery in their romances.  So keep her guessing about you by holding on to a few harmless personal secrets.

via derricksphotos - Flickr

via derricksphotos – Flickr


11. Girls Travel in Groups Because They Lack Confidence Alone

Girls don’t just hang out in groups when they’re in public for safety.  They are really looking for a way to bolster their self-confidence around any guys they might potentially meet.  You know what they say about safety in numbers.


12.  The Best Friend Knows All

While most guys disdain gossip as a waste of time, girls absolutely love to gossip and tell each secrets, and this is particularly true between best friends.  Because of their devotion to each other, they will confide virtually everything to one another.  That includes the funny, the inane, and the very intimate.  You can bet money on it.  The best friend knows everything.