Secrets Girls Keep Under Wraps Because They Don’t Want Guys to Know


7.  Girls are Suckers for Romantic Gestures

A romantic gesture will get to a girl every time.  Surprise her with flowers and candy, or jewelry and she will just melt.  The more effort the gesture takes, like making her breakfast in bed for example, the more likely it will get you back into her good graces.

8.  Girls Spend Hours a Day Peering In to the Mirror 

For most guys looking in the mirror a couple of times a day is considered a lot of time spent on their appearance.  But girls are just the opposite, and frequently look at themselves in the mirror throughout the day.  Sometimes it’s just for a quick fix to their hair or something like that, sometimes they need to reapply their makeup, and there are times when they just want to give themselves a quick once over and see how they look.


9. Girls Fear Losing Their Independence to a Guy

Girls absolutely dread the thought of surrendering their independence to a guy.  Most cultures in the world today are male dominated, and that fact has girls feeling somewhat defensive.  They are raised to be confident and independent, and secretly fear losing that hard won independence to the guy they marry.

via Kelley Boone from Perrysberg, Ohio, USA

via Kelley Boone Flickr