Secrets Girls Keep Under Wraps Because They Don’t Want Guys to Know

4. Girls Notice a Guy’s Clothes

If you asked, you’d find that most guys think that girls are mainly concerned with their physical appearance, but actually what’s even more important is their clothes.  Girls are very aware of fashion, and in reality they take more notice of how a guy dresses than anything else about him.  A guy whom a girl thinks of as just average could easily rise in her estimation with the proper wardrobe.


5.  Girls are Stalkers!  Facebook Stalkers That Is

Girls are obsessed with learning everything they can about everyone they know.  They do most of their research on Facebook, especially on guys that they have an interest in.  They will find you on Facebook  probably look through every post and picture you’ve ever uploaded.

6. Girls Spend the Majority of Their Time Thinking About Guys

 Even though she’d rather die than admit it, your girlfriend and her gal pals spend most of their time thinking or talking about guys.  Research has proven that girls spend 15% of their time thinking about a certain guy in particular, about 20% of their time thinking about guys in general, and spend a whopping 25% of their time pondering how to get guys to notice them.  That means that 60% of their thoughts revolve around men.