Secrets Girls Keep Under Wraps Because They Don’t Want Guys to Know

So you’ve been with your girlfriend a long time, right?  Starting to seriously contemplate buying that ring, are you?  While all of that is great, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t know that special girl in your life as well as you think.

1. Girls Love Being Kissed In Front of Their Friends 

Not only are girls secretly jealous of each other in general, but they actually like to make their girlfriends jealous by showing off when they are involved with a special guy.  Modesty my foot!  They want to be kissed in front of their friends.  Now keep in mind that just because they may enjoy a kiss or two around their gal pals doesn’t mean that they want it to turn into a full-blown, everything but the act itself, sexual interlude.


2.  Girls Enjoy Flirting And Then Pretending It was All a Joke

Girls are born flirts.  Girls get a certain thrill out of flirting just to see if other guys are interested, but ironically they don’t want anyone else to realize what they are doing. This even goes for the guy they are flirting with!  Most girls are a little insecure, so they want to see if a guy is interested before they put themselves on the line.  Even if the guy flirts back, they’ll most likely pass it off as a joke.

via slism

via slism

3. Girls Stop Shaving Their Legs in Winter

While girls love the feel of soft, smooth legs, they can’t stand shaving them.  So when the winter sets in and they know they’ll be wearing pants, they say goodbye to shaving.  That’s often why a girl will need a little extra time before going out on a date when the cold weather hits.