Redefine your internet experience with these 20 Google tricks

Do you know all the tips and tricks about the Internet even though you work online everyday? If your answer is yes, then think again! There is no doubt that a majority of internet users visit every single day. But the truth is that only few are aware of the amazing things which one can do with the aid of

Google is not just a search engine just for hypochondrias trying to look up for their symptoms or for people trying to locate cool new dining places in their vicinity. Google can help you organize and plan your life, and it does that by just entering a few appropriate simple search terms in the search bar.

1.)  Google can help you to decide between your meals.


2.) You can make it tip over.



3.) Just type “Google 1998” to visit the retro version of Google.

After You Learn These 20 Google Tricks, The Internet Will Never Be The Same. I Love #5!

4.) Google can even make anagrams for you.


5.)  Even when you’re trying to define anagram.