Recipes to Free Your Lungs from Nicotine and Toxins in Only Three Days

On the second day, you have many options such as taking a variety of fruit juices. Ideal for this program are lemon juice squeezed in three hundred millilitres of water. You can also drink grapefruit juice or pineapple juice, which are rich in anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants give you good breathing by removing the free radicals from your system. You can as well take carrot juice of three hundred millilitres for breakfast or lunch. Carrot Juice’s alkaline nature will cleanse your blood. Likewise, cranberry juice in the same quantity will fight against any infection or bacteria in the lungs. While you consume these juices rich in anti-oxidants and having the power to fight bacteria, it is important that you also do proper exercise and take care of your hygiene as well.

How To Clean Your Lungs From Nicotine In Only 3 Days

The third thing you can do is, take hot baths for twenty minutes. The sweat that runs out of the body, during these hot baths, also releases the toxins out of the body. You can also add five to ten drops of Eucalyptus oil in hot water, place your face on top of the steam that comes out of the bowl, and cover your head, so the steam will not escape. Inhaling this steam will also keep your lungs clean! You can just follow these simple steps to have healthy lungs in just three days!