Reasons to stay away from bottled water

#14 The truth!

25% of bottled water come from municipal water supply & is treated in filtration units.

#15 Water Privatization

The CEO of Nestle stated that water access to every human being considered a basic human right as “extreme” & wanted the water to be privatized. Where would the poor go?

#16  Water Wars?

Water from river Colorado is falling abnormally. Cities dependent on the river have waged a war over this. This scenario exists globally.

#17 Clean Tap Water For Everyone?

WHO stated that more than one billion people lack access to clean and safe drinking water. The International Water Management Institute claims that clean water can be provided to everybody for $1.7 billion/year.

img : fosc

img : fosc

#18 Water Ownership

Public utilities are struggling financially to meet water standards and are selling them to private companies. This will only shoot water charges by 33%.

#19 Activism

“No Bottle Water Pledge” is also being taken up by many organizations to create awareness against bottled water.

#20 End the Madness!

Goethe University has revealed that 10 brands had pollutants in the bottled water like heavy metals, disinfection byproducts and more. Buy a good filter and use instead!