Reasons to stay away from bottled water

#7 Nestles’ Monopoly

Nestle owns water rights in several small towns and  this has shot up the company’s profits.

#8 Nestle Worldwide

Nestle controls the water supply in several small towns and the local residents have to pay a heavy price for water.

#9 Nestle Case in Brazil

Nestle bought Perrier and started bottling Poland Spring water under the label Pure Life. Excessive pumping dried up local water bodies and the Federal Government fined and stopped Nestle’s units in 2006.

#10 Designer Trap

Premium bottled water in trendy designs are being sold by Nestle claiming to have electrolytes which are easier to recycle. Nestle is fooling people by this gimmick by not accounting for other factors.

#11 Just a Filter!

Tap water is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria. Private companies just treat this water with filter. This can be done in homes!

#12 California’s Water

The main issue in the Californian region is whether to conserve water or to increase water supply to the region. California gets a majority of water from Sacramento over which Nestle has legal grip.

#13 Public system’s woes

Government bodies sell public water systems to private companies due to the deteriorating conditions and expense in maintenance.