You probably didn’t know about these filthy secrets of Apple

Behind every success story there lies a secret. There is always something to be compromised with, and some things that must remain in the dark. The famous Apple gadgets and their discoveries sell in the present market like hot cakes and there is no doubt about the fact that the gadgets belong to the top ranking quality, but has anyone ever bothered to know what exploitations have been made for such a phenomenal success in the production of the gadgets? Check these out.

1. Exploiting Chinese Labourers

Now, as for the quality of the apple gadgets, there won’t be any compromisation of the parts and materials, then what is the option for reducing the production cost? The labor cost. The laborers are made to work round the clock and such hard working hours have been the reason of many suicides in the labor quarters.

Chinese Labor Exploited for Cheap

2. Shifting the production to a worse company

Now, after the media disclosed the fact that apple has been exploiting the laborers, Foxcomm was forced to increase the salary of the laborers, which in turn, made Foxcomm to charge more from Apple for the production. And to maintain its production, Apple shifted the business to Pegatron and since then, worker’s rights violation is being faced by Pegatron.

Apple Shifted Production To a Worse Company

3. Polluting Environment

The environmental pollution was hugely increased by the factories of apple which released almost 23.1 metric tons of green house gases.