The 11 Most Unbelievable Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Once you make the decision to get a tattoo, there is a mind-boggling array of designs you can make your selection from.  Who’s to say why people opt for the ones they do.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a matter of personal taste.  Other times they are influenced by the latest trends, and sometimes they just want to stand out from the crowd.  And some tattoos there is just no explanation for.

#City of Skyscrapers

The man who had his entire back tattooed to look like a city of skyscrapers with a man about to jump off a plank of wood extended above it all.

City of Skyscrapers

 via inspirationsweb

#Ancient Symbols

The man who had a remarkably amazing 3–D tattoo of some ancient symbols on his upper arm which is so intricately detailed as to look almost real.


via boredombash