10 Most Funny Bad Translations of Ads

8. Braniff Airlines: in 1977 they wanted to sell with a slogan which was supposed to mean “fly in leather” which in Spanish was termed as “Vuela en cuero” but it turned out to mean “fly naked”.


9. Parker Pens: The slogan of Parker Pens which was named “It won’t leak in your pockets and embarrass you” was translated in Spanish. It turned out to mean “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.” The Mexicans were confused.


10. Coca Cola: This brand didn’t even need the slogan. The name was enough. Apparently the name Coca Cola was pronounced as “ke kou ke la” in Chinese which meant “bite the wax you tadpole” or it could also be meant as “female horse stuffed with wax” Both of these sound crazy, don’t they? But coke went a step further. It then researched what would be the phonetic equivalent of the brand in their language and found out the term “ko kou ko le” which means “happiness in the mouth.”

H/T : oddee