10 Most Funny Bad Translations of Ads

When it comes to marketing we have surely come a long way. These Ads were perfectly fine in English, but when translated in other languages they took a whole new level of funny meanings.

1. KFC: When they opened first in China in 1987, their ad “Finger lickin’ good” was accidentally translated into “We will eat off your fingers.”


2. Coors: This US based Beer making company thought “Turn it loose” would be the perfect slogan in Spanish too. It however got translated to Diarrhea.


3. Clairol: In 2006 their hair curling iron Mist Stick was a hit in the US, however in German “Mist” meant “manure” which is why it didn’t do so well in Germany.


4. Milk: The American Dairy Association thought “Got Milk?” was the perfect tagline to brand their company. However in Mexican, this term got translated into “Are you lactating?” Oops!