Most bizarre Apple products

Certain Apple Products Tell That In the 80’s It Wasn’t So Cool

Today, Apple is undoubtedly the most sought after trendsetting company. Everyone, especially the generation of 25-35 aged populace dreams of acquiring the latest Apple products. People above the age of 50 owning the products are termed as “Cool”. However, if taken a peep into the history (not very old) and go back in the 80’s, we will see that it was the period where it seemed Apple was not as cool, but was trying hard to survive and sail through.

Here is a list of some bizarre Apple products which would make you cringe when you find them in your old box or cupboard. Today, all of us are amazed as why did Apple even got involved in marketing such stuff? The reality is that during the era of 80’s, Apple failed to sell them under its brand name, the way it does today.

Here’s a list of the most bizarre Apple products –

Apple Earrings

Apple Earrings

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The iToy Truck

Apple iToy

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Apple Children’s Clothing

Apple Children's Clothing

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