Are you afraid of Math? Does this subject haunt you at night? Though Math is one of the most valuable subjects we learn in our institution. Still some of us go through a lot of problems with specific tasks and without calculators. Here we are providing some positive math hacks that will change your life and your way of taking math:

1. Multiply Double-Digit Numbers by 11:

Multiply Double-Digit Numbers by 11

It takes a lot of memory to remember tables after 10. However, by using Vedic math, multiplying by 11 is simple and worthy. All you need to do is to add the digits of the number you are multiplying by 11 and place that in the middle of that original number. If the sum of the digit is 10 or even larger than that, simply carry it over. For instance, Take 11×11. You need to separate the number being multiplied by 11. So that there is a place for your number in-between. Now, add the two digits in that number together (1+1 =2) and put the sum in the middle of the two numbers. The answer is 121.

2. Multiply Single-Digit Numbers with your hands:

Multiply Single-Digit Numbers with your hands1

Multiply Single-Digit Numbers with your hands2

We can add or subtract using our fingers. But if you are a bit uneasy at those multiplication tables, you can use your fingers to do easy multiplications. All you need to do is to assign the numbers 6 to 20 to each of your fingers on each hand. Now take two numbers that you wish to multiply. For instance, let’s take 7 and 8. Put together the corresponding fingers and count the touching fingers along with the fingers below them and add a 0. That would be your tens value. Now, multiply the upper portion that’s above the touching finger. That’s your “ones” value. Add the bottom and top together and there you have your answer. (via Life Hacker)