Introducing the Real-Life Barbie: Valeria Lukyanova


 Valeria is 5’7″ tall and weighs in at a startling 99 lbs, her own measurements only slightly smaller than Barbie’s. Naturally this would worry anyone, and send us in search of a few chocolate chip cookies, and Valeria is concerned too — about her weight gain. Having formerly weighed 92 lbs, she has gained all of 7 lbs. Eeeeekkk!

In order to keep her almost nonexistent waist, Valeria works out at the gym daily and has existed on nothing but a regiment of strict diets. She did four months of a juice-only diet to detox as preparation for starting a water diet. Currently she survives on a liquid-only diet. Earlier she did a raw meat diet, and in a nauseating admission, credits raw meat for keeping her thin all year. Still in all experts agree that she most likely had a rib or two removed in order to get her absurdly small waist size.

On the rare occasions when she eats actual, real food, Valeria is a vegetarian. She consumes only blended shakes composed of raw fruits and vegetables.