How to Make Your Podcast Go Viral

How to Make Your Podcast Go Viral.

Many new podcasters dream of striking it big. Simply, are y’all ready for it? In this postal service, we explore how to handle fame if your show goes viral.

Before we get to that, how can you get viral in the first place?

It starts with killer content

Yous need to release content that resonates with your audience.

Be consistent with your release schedule

You’re unlikely to e’er hit information technology big when y’all publish new episodes sporadically. It usually takes time to build a loyal following, and so you have to show up consistently.

Catchy headlines for the win

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Your promotion/marketing strategy must be well thought out and executed properly

Random posts on Facebook aren’t going to cutting it!

Read our post on social media for podcasters to larn how to create an effective social media marketing strategy for your podcast.

While you’re at it, create an editorial calendar for both your episodes, and promotions.

Since you’re already promoting yourself, be sure to add your show to every podcast directory that is out there as well.

Feature big guests, and guest podcast on big shows

Having influencers or other popular podcasters will help increase awareness for your show! If you never have anyone noteworthy on your show, information technology’s less probable that you will go viral.

Read our posts on landing big guests, and on guest podcasting to learn more about growing your show by leveraging other people’southward audiences.

Encourage your listeners to share your podcast

Did you know that your fans and followers tin be your biggest marketing channel? Apply your audience to help you lot grow your prove.

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What to Do When Y’all Become Viral

Share more on social media

Fuel the burn by continuing to share the episode or episodes that are taking off, and make sure to tag any relevant guests as well. Hopefully, your guests will share and annotate to keep the virality flame going strong.

Maintain consistency

This is the most of import time to continue up with your release schedule. And, if you take any bonus content you’ve been saving for a rainy solar day, at present is the fourth dimension to requite the people what they want – more of y’all!

Besides many podcasters fizzle out subsequently going viral because they don’t maintain a consistent schedule for new releases.

This is the primary reason nosotros’re such big advocates for managing your podcast workflow as efficiently as possible. Having episodes set up to schedule for release can help y’all immensely when your show suddenly takes off.

Bring on help

When you get viral, this is the time to pull out all the stops. Send printing releases in an effort to get mainstream media attention.

Go someone to help with your social media engagement. You could even hire office time help to write upward an FAQ page that yous tin prepare as an autoresponder for new fan mail.

Release the merch you’ve been hanging on to

Take time to rest

Podcaster exhaustion is real, and so while y’all want to take advantage of your virality, you also don’t want to end up quitting because it got too overwhelming.

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Don’t get it lonely

Don’t permit it define you

Marilyn Monroe said, “Fame doesn’t fulfill you. It warms you a bit, and that warmth is temporary.”

Too many people get a viral hit and and then, if they tin’t repeat it, feel like a failure.

While many of us want to make money from our passions, even going viral won’t guarantee monetary success. And, information technology certainly won’t guarantee happiness.

Don’t let this moment define your future. Keep putting in the work, and exist prepare for moments of fame, simply never rely on it to feel fulfilled.

Take advantage of any success that comes your way, and remember that delivering value to your audience is what is nearly important.

Spreading your vox, and connecting with the people that need your bulletin – that’due south a better gift than any fleeting moment of virality can ever give yous.

How to Make Your Podcast Go Viral