How to Make a Facebook Post Go Viral

How to Make a Facebook Post Go Viral.

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Desire your Facebook postal service to go viral?

Become Facebook shares!

Likes and comments are great, but the nearly valuable Facebook engagement yous can get is a share.

When your Facebook Page post is shared, it appears on the sharer’s Timeline so their friends see information technology.

Now yous tin can become viral, equally shares multiply from friend to friend!

In this article, you’ll acquire:

  • The Facebook content most probable to go viral.
  • The benefits of going viral.
  • Why people share on Facebook.
  • How to increase your Facebook shares so you can go viral.

This folio contains affiliate links to products I’ve used with great success. If you lot make a purchase through my link, I’ll receive a referral fee, at no cost to you.

Which Facebook posts go viral?

A study conducted by BuzzSumo analyzed more than ane billion Facebook posts and learned…

The most-shared Facebook Folio content is Photo and Video.

Not a lensman? How can
you lot
get Facebook shares with photos?

Earlier yous determine it’s besides expensive or complicated – remember that “Photos” on Facebook means any kind of prototype.

I’ve had terrific results using
to create quote images in seconds. The simple one beneath was shared by near 20% of my Fans!

Simple Zig Ziglar quote graphic that got many Facebook shares.
Simple quote graphics tin become many Facebook shares.

The Pro version ofStencil
allows many customizations for a monthly price under $10US
(if paid annually). Or you tin use the bones version

And there are over 100,000 quotes right in the app 🙂 Gratis photos also!

At that place are lots of EASY ways to make picture quotes online.

As well as iPhone apps to add together text to photos.

Pick one of these tools and have all your design needs covered! Or arrive easy…

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What words should I make into a graphic to become viral?

Enquire a question your audience would love to answer! This tin can help you with market research, and boost your attain at the aforementioned time.

A question made into a graphic is quite powerful for appointment with your audience. Any of my recommended tools can help you lot make i!

However, in almost niches, a question is unlikely to get shared and actually go viral.

Just pop quotes work well! As I noted, there are more yous could ever employ inStencil.

Of course, you want to use quotes that align with your business. And so consider these:

  • Showcase your brand culture to build community.
  • Quote from your own blog or book to build authority.
  • Educate with surprising stats or useful tips in your niche.*
  • Entertain, express, or emote (more on this in the motivation section below).
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Stats and tips go viral particularly when they’re surprising. If people are surprised by your information, they’ll want to share this unexpected information with others.

viral fact chart example
Here’s an example of a surprising fact illustrated as a nautical chart.

Which images go viral?

Every bit y’all browse photos that are condom for commercial use, note which ones stand up out. That’s always a not bad identify to start!

BuzzSumo constitute that cats and dogs are among the most pop topics to share. There are plenty of social media holidays about pets to inspire content that will entertain your followers.

Besides quotes and pets, other topics proven to increase engagement:

  • Coffee
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Recipes
  • Nostalgia

Facebook users love to comment and share posts on these topics! If any can exist adjusted to your niche, use liberally.

If information technology fits with your business brand, photos with shock value can be quite popular. Try being a bit “exterior the box” and see how that goes.

facebook post go viral meme

Funny memes are a groovy choice, and even better when you post ane that ties into your business.

More time consuming simply worth considering: creating infographics. If your business concern is about educating through stats or tutorials, charts and infographics are a groovy choice for you as people love to share fascinating information presented well visually.

These help people visualize important or shocking statistics, making them more meaningful, interesting, and shareable.

marketing chart example

The Benefits of Facebook Shares that Go Viral

Facebook viral quote graphicIf you have the skill to combine a quote and a photograph – you’re gold! My favorite blueprint tools make information technology like shooting fish in a barrel.

I posted this quote graphic one evening to my Yoga Fan Folio, and information technology was immediately shared to a Fan Page with a huge fan base.

Outcome? In four days: a total of 143 shares, visibility to a big audience (5x as big as my Page’s fan base), and –
I gained 62 new Fans!

The huge thing is I had 693 “People Talking About This” – and at that time, I only had 107 Fans! What a way to increase your Facebook attain.

I tin can’t guarantee y’all dozens of new Fans, but I exercise believe the visibility for your Page is worth the effort to make shareable images.

Why Do People Share on Facebook?

When deciding what to post on Facebook, it’s wise to take a moment to consider what makes people share.

Fractl conducted a survey of 2,000 people and asked them about what they share on Facebook and why. They asked specifically near sharing third-party content – i.east., clicking the share button on someone else’southward Facebook content, or posting a link from a website.

Entertain friends

The virtually popular reason  for sharing, at 48 percent, was to entertain friends.

“I share things that my friends volition find interesting.”

If we experience something fun or unlike, nosotros naturally tell our friends, considering we want them to have the same experience. This too applies to sharing content online.

What experience can y’all convey in your content that others people will desire to share to entertain their Facebook friends?

Limited issues

A smaller grouping of respondents, at 17 pct, wanted to limited the issues they cared nigh.

“I share things that inform my friends of the things I care nigh.”

why people share photo of friends talking

Evoke emotions

Evoking an emotional response came in tertiary place, at 13 percentage.

“I share things that volition brand my friends feel something (happiness, sadness, anger, etc).”

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Content that gets shared appeals to emotion. When you lot excite people, whether in a good or a shocking fashion, people are going to take notice.

This is actually the biggest reason people share content, fifty-fifty if they don’t place it as such.

Think most what you can exercise within your industry that will excite emotions. Some common ways to exercise this are to post funny videos or inspirational content.

Yous can get a big emotional affect with a controversial mail that expresses issues at the aforementioned time. Every bit a business, you’ll want to be careful with this one and so you lot don’t alienate role of your audience.


In fourth is providing useful information, at 11 percent.

“I share things that my friends volition find useful.”

Although only 11 percent share on Facebook
to educate, it’s notwithstanding a worthwhile content category to pursue. 55% of users polled said they do like to share content that’s useful.

When y’all give out great information and help someone get results, then they’ll naturally desire to tell people most you lot. They might even experience a little obligated to do something for you, because y’all helped them out!

What content tin yous create that will assistance someone get a specific result?

Consider a mix of the content types advisable to your business.

Also of note is that 52% of sharers said
they share things to present a certain image of themselves.

Similarly, this New York Times study establish that 68% of people want to give other people a sense of who they are and what they value/care about. The content they share is designed to reinforce the epitome they desire to projection to other people, eastward.g., as person who is thoughtful, caring, interesting, etc.

Quizzes work fantastically for this. I’thousand sure yous see your Facebook friends sharing their quiz results often!

How practise your Fans come across themselves, and desire others to run into them?

Get this right, and yous’re sure to go viral.

why facebook users share chart
Nautical chart credit: Fractl report.

How to Increase Shares on Facebook

At present that you lot’ve got your shareable image, try these tips to increase the chance of going viral!

Share your own Fan Page posts

All shares of shares are attributed to the original source – so beginning by posting on your Fan Folio to get the visibility.

share from your Page to your personal contour to become your friends involved – when it’south relevant.

share from your profile to your Folio, or you’ll kill your Page post reach.

“Shares” practise go less visibility in the Facebook news feed, as FB seems to consider them lukewarm news. Then if you post first to your personal contour, you’re  shooting your Fan Page attain in the foot, before you even get the post out of the gate.

Page first, so profile!

Encourage sharing

Should you lot inquire for shares on Facebook?

Sometimes! It’southward non an like shooting fish in a barrel yes-or-no.

Facebook has said they’ll penalize Pages that are asking fans to share spammy posts. These posts might link to ad-filled sites. Facebook has promised todecrease the reach on such posts.

Almost Facebook gurus, including Mari Smith, believe it’s OK to ask for a share of a quality postal service – occasionally.

Pages running contests ask fans to share, and information technology works for them!

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And so the caveat is: create Facebook posts that peoplewant to share. Then it’southward fine to suggest they share, from time to time.

Mari posts of import Facebook news on her folio, and often closes past suggesting Fans share if it’s of interest to their audition. I’ve washed the same.

Even if Facebook frowns on using a call-to-action with the words Like, Comment, or Share, you could try something like, “Spread the encouragement!”

words to get more shares on facebook

Here are more bully ideas from Mannix Marketing:

To go more than shares, say…

Spread the word.
Tell a friend.
Tell your friends.
Don’t keep this to yourself.
Tell the world.

Give thanks sharers

Clicking on the number of shares brings up a window with all Public or friend shares. If available, click Similar or comment on their post via your personal profile.

If shared by a Folio, you tin Like and comment as your Page.

By increasing their date, you’ll assistance the share get more visibility, and encourage them to share again in the time to come.

You can also upload the image to your website and Pin it to Pinterest from there. Include the link for people to repin in a comment on your Facebook post.

thank Facebook sharers screenshot

Tag someone for an extra heave on Facebook!

If yous use one of my recommended tools, you can easily notice free photos right in the app.

However, if you’re a Photoshop user, you may be using gratuitous photo sites. Here’southward an extra tip for you:

Many of these sites require you to notify the artists / photographers when you employ their work. When using the images on Facebook,
this tin can actually increment your shares!

Alert the artist by tagging them in your Facebook mail service.

On some free photo sites, you can also leave a comment with a link showing how you used their image. Do it!

The prototype below – a Memorial Day cover photo – got a peachy number of shares on a quiet holiday weekend! The artist shared with his friends and fans, and so on…

How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral photo

Don’t know the creative person? You could tag a few people yous know would be interested in your post.

Don’t overuse this though, as it could get annoying. That’s the last affair you want to happen!

Consider contests

Ane more matter to consider is encouraging shares through a Facebook contest.

This is definitely more time-consuming to gear up than the other ideas above, and you’ll desire to be sure to follow Facebook’south contest rules.

Share others’ content

An easy way to jump right in and go others to share your content is to share theirs!

This can be breezy, where you share another blog or social media account’due south content, and hope they’ll return the favor. Or it can be more organized, like Facebook networking groups.

This post was originally published on June 7, 2012, and last updated on June ix, 2021.

Conclusion: How to go viral on Facebook

How about you – what has worked well for you lot on Facebook? What catches your heart in the News Feed and gets yous to share? Comment beneath.

If this has helped you larn how to
get Facebook shares that go viral,
take your next pace!

Try Stencil to make your own viral images easily.

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How to Make a Facebook Post Go Viral