How Easily One Can Steal Your ATM Pin code Without Even You Noticing

Discover How Easily One Can Steal Your ATM Pin code Without Even You Noticing, and How Can You Prevent This from Happening

stealing atmcode

This sure sounds scary, but yes, it is fairly easy to get your ATM Pin code with an ordinary case of an iPhone. The Infrared Accessory “FLIR One” can easily fit into an iPhone and can pick up thermal signatures and can transform them into colored images. Though this has been created to be utilized for household repairs and security, it has been used by thieves to pick up the thermal signatures left behind by people after the punches in an ATM or in a supermarket. This device can be easily purchased online for a few hundred dollars. The crooks can pretty well identify the PIN numbers from the dynamic color images.

Mark Rober, the science guru demonstrates how easy it is to steal your ATM pin code and also suggests the preventive measures which you can play along to avoid any damages. All you need to do is rest your fingers on a couple of other buttons while you enter your PIN after swiping your card. This will make it highly impossible for any criminal with the best infrared gadget to decipher your ATM PIN. Make sure you use this very simple technique!

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