You can draw vital clues about your overall health by the wastes produced by your body. Your body gets rid of toxins when the kidneys filter water soluble and excess water out of your blood. A toxin build up in your body can render you ill. Your urine consists of yeast, bacteria, sugar and even excess protein. A normal examination will let you determine how normal your health conditions are.

Any change in the smell or the color of the urine is an indication that something isn’t alright with the way your body is functioning. Changes can even arise due to consumption of particular food items or might even be a potential indication of a serious health condition. It is better to consult a physician if you doubt you might be having a urinary tract problem. A simple urine test will reveal if there persists any problem. Urine tests have been in use from more than 6,000 years and they quickly provide an insight about your health status.

Learn from the clues

More than a million gallons of water is filtered by kidneys in one’s lifetime. This is enough to fill a small lake. A single kidney is enough to manage this task and if you lose one, the other one grows in size by 50% in less than two months time to manage the entire operation.

Urine consists of 95% water and rest 5% comprises of minerals, uric acid, enzymes, urea and much more. Straw yellow color urine indicates normal health conditions and the color is due to Urobilin which is a bile pigment. The color of urine also changes with the foods that you consume, the supplements taken by you, medications taken, physical activity and also on the amount of water you consume every day. However, few health conditions also cause a change in the color of urine. Hence, it is better to letter the signs and be alert.

Red/pink color urine is an indication that you’re suffering from Hematuria due to urinary tract infection or kidney stones. It could also be due to consumption of blueberries, rhubarb, red food dyes or iron supplements. Excessive hydration results in white color, cloudy urine. Orange colored urine is due to dehydration. Brown colored urine indicated extreme dehydration. It could also be due to consumption of fava beans or due to kidney tumors, blood clot or pituitary problems.