13 most haunting girl ghosts in the world today

The ladies have had it hard for a longtime since the beginning of history. Much of their lives are rooted in trauma and losses. Even though many of these ghosts appear to be spooky, they have actually lived a sad life.

So treat ladies with respect, even if only to stay safe past the midnight….

The white woman: This is one of the most popular apparitions that have been seen by hundreds of people over the years. It is said that this woman took her own life and now roams as an omen of death for the people.

The Raynham Hall’s Brown Lady: This place was once home to Lady Dorothy, who lived here with her ill tempered husband. Life wasn’t treating her very well, as she succumbed to the abuse of her husband. Once when her husband found out that she was engaged in an affair, she was locked into her room, where she eventually died of small pox. Visitors spot her spirit often there.

The bell witch: It is a major tourist attraction in Tennessee, which is named after the family of John Bell. In his living days he had a property dispute with a woman named Kate Batts. The family claims that the children were disturbed at night during their sleep by unknown hands and that John was even poisoned after the death of Kate Batts.

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