This Is What Happens When The Public Sees A Woman Abusing A Man

In the second scenario the situation changes. The actors recreate the same scenario, except this time the woman is abusing the man. The onlookers this time react a little differently.

In the first scenario lot of anger, concern and threat was involved but in the second one, it had lot of laughter and ridicule. There was not even a single attempt of helping a man. Most of the people in the surrounding seem to be more entertained than anything. The second scenario observed that helplessness of a man was a mode of entertainment to many.

The Mankind Initiative was dedicated to support male victims of domestic abuse. They also run a national anti violence helpline.

With this experiment, a small but a very important thing comes in to consideration, that it is not necessary that every man is born to dominate, and every woman is a victim.

Watch video: 

H/T : DareLondon/buzzfeed

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