This Is What Happens When The Public Sees A Woman Abusing A Man

When it comes to Man v/s Woman, we have innumerable people taking woman’s side. We see lot of posts on various social networking websites commenting on how a woman is victimized, how this so called male dominating society is suppressing women on every front.

Looking at the popularity of woman oriented posts on social networking websites, and assuming that feminism being an only way out to keep the liberty of women alive, a social experiment named The Mankind initiative, was conducted in the heart of U.K London. This social experiment was conducted to know if common people like us have unbiased thinking or their mindset has fixed notions.

So this social experiment had two parts rather two scenarios. In the first scenario, a couple which is portrayed by actors get in to a heated argument, in a public place in London. Argument gradually goes out of hand and then comes the anticlimax of the first scenario. The man begins to physically abuse his girlfriend.

Onlookers immediately took action against this behavior, women around the area gathered, and threatened him of reporting it to police. The first scenario was concluded after getting a strong reaction from the people around.