FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

Chicken meats

Chicken meats contain Arsenic and might cause cancer: FDA admits

Arsenic is the compound responsible for cancer. The FDA reports have shown that those chickens which are sent to the lower markets are given a drug and such chickens often show positive results when checked for Arsenic. The Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy had claimed the same results a few years back in 2006. However, the chicken industry kept growing as the sellers maintained that there was no way the arsenic could make it into the chicken meat. The FDA on the other hand has announced that the arsenic levels, even though present, are considerably low and possess no threat to the consumers of Roxarosone-treated chicken. The National Chicken Council has been emphasizing on the same, obviously.

After pushing the issue aside for many years, the FDA has finally admitted that chicken meat contains this poisonous substance which could even lead to cancer. It is important to note that this substance could even be fatal if consumed in high doses. All this just because a drug is pushed into the chicken on purpose.

The worst part is that, even though the arsenic component in the chicken meat is low, as stated by the FDA, people have been consuming it for the last sixty years in America. This means that even in lower doses, this toxic substance has actually been accumulating in our bodies.

Before this grand disclosure, both the poultry farms as well as the FDA denied the fact that chickens posses any threats. Whenever questioned about the chicken feed called Roxarosone, they would say that the arsenic associated with that gets excreted by the chicken. No, they did not base this on any scientific argument; it is just something we were asked to believe.

The evidences have now been so undeniable that even the company Roxarosone itself has decided to come out. And the company responsible for introducing arsenic into the chicken feed for so many years, is none other than Pfizer – yes, this is the same company that makes injectible vaccines for children. In fact, the company that makes Roxarosone chicken feed is actually a subsidiary of Pfizer. The Alpharma has now decided to remove this toxic substance in the chicken from United States, however it has declared not to pull this off in other unregulated countries.