How far would you go to lose weight? Here are some bizarre things that people are ready to do every day to lose weight.

1. Injecting yourself with urine: Just when you thought that no other forms of diets were available, someone just came up with this concept of injecting urine to lose weight. Sheryl Paloni lost more than 30 inches and 43 pounds within 5 months of doing this. Moreover, the urine has to be from pregnant women for this to work. Experts said that it is not the urine which makes one lose weight but actually the hormones present in it.

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2. Losing weight by working it up between the sheets: This woman, who is the world’s heaviest woman, is losing 500 calories each day by ramping up her sex life with her ex husband. She is having sex apparently 7 times a day. Pauline got her name in the Guinness book at the age of 47 with 700 pounds. She was married for three years but then separated. Apparently after her name in the Guinness book, they again reunited and now she is having sex with him daily which she claims is the reason behind her losing weight.
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3. Getting a Nasogastric dipping tube installed: There are so many doctors who are providing fad diets to their clients for immediate weight loss. But here is a new one joining the list. This doctor will apparently use a K-E method to make one have nutrition, or in simple terms it means feeding through the nose. Dr. Oliver Di Pietro from Florida claims that anyone can lose up to 20 lbs with this method. He claims that your body will remain untouched while at the same time it will be shedding fats.
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