10 Craziest Dowry Stories that you’ll come across

3. 1 million Facebook likes were demanded by a Yemeni dad as dowry for his daughter 

“Likes” can buy love apparently according to this story. This at least holds true in the case where a Yemeni dad in 2013 demanded a million likes on his Facebook page as a dowry to take his daughter’s hand in marriage. A poet from the city of Taiz, Salem Ayash, requested this strange request from the suitor. He did not provide any deadline as such. It was nearly impossible for the suitor to get that many likes in a country where the population is only about 24 million. This dowry case went viral in the Yemeni social media and the bloggers started requesting for help over the social media to help the young couple get married. The profile received just 35,000 likes and was eventually blocked. Bitter criticism followed this event and the dowry issue was highlighted by the media. 



4. $120M was offered by a Hong Kong billionaire to anyone who would marry his lesbian daughter 


A Hong Kong billionaire has offered $120 million to the person who successfully seduces and marries his daughter who happens to be a lesbian. This was announced by Cecil Chao when his daughter married her longtime girlfriend. More than 20,000 suitors responded to this proposal, but failed to impress the billionaire’s daughter. (photo)

5. A woman was locked for three years in a toilet over dowry dispute 

An Indian woman was locked in a toilet for three years by her in-laws and her husband after her parents couldn’t afford to pay more as dowry to run the household. The 25 year old woman Gunja Devi was rescued by the police. She was found in squalid circumstances and she was barely able to open her eyes as she was kept in the dark for long. The police informed that she had been subjected to torture and was found in a terrible condition.  The in-laws and the husband were arrested by the police.

6. The man asked meat, beer and Gatorade as dowry, though it is believed that he sold off his 14 year old daughter.

A man in California was arrested in 2009 for giving his daughter in exchange to a neighbor for meat, 100 cases of beer and Gatorade. The case was reported when Jesus Martinez asked for help from local authorities to free his daughter when his demand wasn’t fulfilled. The man and the 18 year old groom were arrested by the police. The police chief of Greenfield reported that arranged marriages were pretty much common in the Mexican Trique community. The deal involved 50 cases of Modelo, 100 cases of Corona beer, 50 cases of soft drinks, 50 cases of Gatorade and 6 bottles of wine. 

via oddee

via oddee