12 Completely Ridiculous Bathrooms

If you want a good laugh, or in some cases a good shiver, just read about the following “creative” bathrooms and wonder what the individuals who came up with these ideas were drinking at the time.  Hint:  It wasn’t lemonade!

1. Horn Bathroom

Want to play a few notes while you take the time to answer nature’s call?  Now you can.

2. China’s Egyptian Bathroom

This Egypt-themed bathroom located in China is the largest in the world, with an amazing four stories and a thousand toilets, including many interestingly-shaped urinals any Pharaoh would be proud to use.

3. Bubble Bathroom

Want to do something different?  Just put a clear, inflatable bubble bathroom on your roof and Presto! you get the thrill of using a bathroom outdoors without having to worry about bears.  Of course there’s also the additional thrill of having everyone in a higher neighboring building staring open mouthed at you.