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10 Rarely Seen Moments In History

1) A 17 year old Pele on a street of Sweden before the 1958 World Cup 2) John Lennon signs an autograph for Mark Chapman, the man who would murder him, December 8, 1980 3) A German soldier lights his cigarette with a flame thrower, circa 1941 4) Bobby Fischer playing 50 opponents simultaneously at

Eight of the Craziest Weight-Loss Methods

How far would you go to lose weight? Here are some bizarre things that people are ready to do every day to lose weight. 1. Injecting yourself with urine: Just when you thought that no other forms of diets were available, someone just came up with this concept of injecting urine to lose weight. Sheryl

The general benefits of drinking beer for your health

Beer has many health benefits which are not commonly known. These include increased bone density, reducing risk of cardiovascular and coronary disease, anti ageing and so many more. Apart from these, it’s anti stressing and diuretic properties are well known. Beer is an alcoholic beverage which is most commonly consumed by people in North America

10 Crazy Laws in Foreign Countries

Here are some crazy laws which you may find abroad :- 1) Do not chew Gum in Singapore – this act has been banned in Singapore for the last two decades, since this city is highly cautious about keeping its streets clean.   2) Do not Die in Sarpourenx – In this village at south

10 astonishing facts about your brain that you didn’t know

Brain is the most mysterious organ in the human body. But here are some astonishing facts that you didn’t know about– 1). 210 is the highest IQ recorded till date – Born in March 1972, Kim Ung-Yong has the highest IQ ever recorded by man. He could grasp algebra at the age of 8 months,

10 benefits of having huge breasts

It may sound funny but actually having bigger breasts can be a life saver. Read on to know how. 1) Swimming: According to research, there are adipose tissues present in breasts which might even help the woman stay afloat in water. 2) Fertile: Larger breasts indicate higher fertility as the hormones needed for fertility are present

Random Facts Sound Crazy, But Are Actually Very True

1) If you stretched out all the DNA in your body it would be six times the distance from the Sun to Pluto. Each one of your cells has about 3 meters of DNA and you have 10 trillion cells in your body. 2) Wombats poop cubes. 3) Horses can’t breath through their mouths. 4) There is an immortal

Personality Traits Based On Tattoo Location

Lower Back Women who get inked on their lower back should be perceived as sexually allure and they possess a mysterious vibe. This implies that buying a drink would certainly work in your favour. Face People who get face tattoos don’t conform to any rules of the society. These are totally freaks and are most

The mindboggling creation of a human life

The birth of another human being is miraculous in its very nature. We never truly get to see what happens; even if there were ultrasound systems and other apparatus, the real work remains behind the veil. But nevertheless, those grainy black and white images of the ultrasounds, give us a major boost. I remember seeing

You probably didn’t know about these filthy secrets of Apple

Behind every success story there lies a secret. There is always something to be compromised with, and some things that must remain in the dark. The famous Apple gadgets and their discoveries sell in the present market like hot cakes and there is no doubt about the fact that the gadgets belong to the top

Reap 5 benefits by taking a shower with your partner

Today’s hectic lifestyle takes away all the time for people to indulge in romantic encounters often with your partner. It is vital to stay connected with your partner every single day. So why not try connecting while taking a shower? You can make a large difference in your life by getting intimate with the person

15 Gifs which explain the working process of everything

#1 Look how the braces align our teeth It may look painful, but this is the actual mechanism of how the braces cling to your teeth and straighten it. #2 The needle of the tattoo In this way a tattoo needle penetrates your skin. #3 Mixing colors for military helmets The military helmets are dipped

A Bite From This Tiny Tick Can Turn You into a Vegetarian

Planning to quit meat- Get a bite of this Tiny Tick for yourself  Have you been planning to quit eating meat since quite some time? Has it been too difficult for you to get your hands off the juicy chicken piece even after being warned by your doctor?  Recent studies have revealed that a bite