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Eight of the Craziest Weight-Loss Methods

How far would you go to lose weight? Here are some bizarre things that people are ready to do every day to lose weight. 1. Injecting yourself with urine: Just when you thought that no other forms of diets were available, someone just came up with this concept of injecting urine to lose weight. Sheryl

11 strange things happen when you consume sugar

How much sugar do you consume every day? Do you think twice before taking in the amount of sugar that you do? You should, because doctors now say that sugar may be extremely harmful for your body. Too much sugar may affect your body in strange ways– 1. It fattens your organs: Due to the

7 things to avoid after eating

Every time we finish our meal, we hear our parents saying something to us, but we are always in the rush to do the next big thing, so we let that pass. If you haven’t considered them up until now, this might be the right time to start doing what has been advised. Time is

Practice these 5 easy-to-follow steps for great oral hygiene

More than embarrassing, a bad breath and yellow teeth could be bad for your health. Unhygienic tooth could also cause bacteria to develop in your mouth and could stem various diseases. So it is important to maintain a good oral health. Here are a few ways to do it – Brush your teeth – The

7 unhealthiest habits

Sleeping through the night with full make-up on Those foundations are nothing but chemicals which are rather an irritation for your skin and have no better effects. In fact going through the day with them itself is very harmful, let alone going 24hours. They clog the pores and don’t allow enough perspiration to leave the

How To Heal Cavities Naturally

Healing cavities naturally The world is slowly recognizing the fact that when we substitute our food habits with the things that our body really wants, we can heal a lot of things which we otherwise thought were impossible. Dental cavities are a fine example of that. There was a time when the world assumed dental

Common reasons that Cause Sagging of Breasts in Women

Aging causes the breasts in women to lose their elasticity and eventually leads to sagging. It is pointless for a middle aged woman to expect her breasts to look the same as they were when she was 20. However, following few simple tips can slow down the sagging process. Avoid See-Saw Weight Loss and Gain

Reasons to stay away from bottled water

#1 Commencement Of Lunacy The seductive packing of Perrier, the French sparkling in 1976 water attracted a lot of consumers as well as controversies regarding the leaching of chemicals from plastic material of the bottles. #2 Bottled Water Idea Fairfax Water Organization stated that the average price of water is $1.50/1,000 gallons, whereas bottled water

Reap 5 benefits by taking a shower with your partner

Today’s hectic lifestyle takes away all the time for people to indulge in romantic encounters often with your partner. It is vital to stay connected with your partner every single day. So why not try connecting while taking a shower? You can make a large difference in your life by getting intimate with the person

10 Myths about Ebola that you did not know

The first outbreak of the Ebola virus happened in 1976 at West Africa. The virus spread like wild fire, infecting more than 200 people with a scary death rate of 56%. The highest death rate of Ebola virus is 87%.  Animals including apes and monkeys have been a source for the transmission and transportation of

FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

Chicken meats contain Arsenic and might cause cancer: FDA admits Arsenic is the compound responsible for cancer. The FDA reports have shown that those chickens which are sent to the lower markets are given a drug and such chickens often show positive results when checked for Arsenic. The Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy had

These Exercises Will Heat Up Your Sex Life

Sex life becoming a little boring?  Looking for a boost?  Here are 10 exercises that will not only bring the fire back to your sex life, but help you to stay in shape as well. 1.  Standing crunch 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of this exercise done over time will increase the strength of abdominal