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These five are the last living women born in 1800s

Only 5 people born in the 1800s are alive now, and all of them are women. 1. Misao Owaka, Japan – Born in March 5, 1898, She is the oldest person on Earth right now, with an age of 116. 2. Jeralean Talley, United States – Born on May 23, 1899 3. Gertrude Weaver, United

The Amazing Transformation-man Who can turn into any Celebrity

What difference does makeup make to your looks? We have heard that often. Well, Paolo Ballesteros, a Fillipino television host can change himself into several female celebrity avatars using a little bit of makeup, a wig and contacts. We can see the results, and these are pretty impressive. Some of our favorites are Katy Perry

13 Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

1) At an airport, two kids embraced each other. They had not seen each other before. But the sight moved the onlookers. 2) A 1$ bill was left by some kind hearted human at a vending machine to help all the poor with food. 3) In this modern and busy age, a kind hearted police

30 Things to do before turning 30

#1 CAST YOUR VOTE Practice the right that you got. Cast a vote to feel like a responsible adult. #2 GO ON A CRAZY BLIND DATE When people ask you about crazy stories to tell, this should be one of them. Do something unlike yourself and go on a blind date with a complete stranger.

Redefine your internet experience with these 20 Google tricks

Do you know all the tips and tricks about the Internet even though you work online everyday? If your answer is yes, then think again! There is no doubt that a majority of internet users visit every single day. But the truth is that only few are aware of the amazing things which one

Boeing 727 Transformed Into a Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica

Has this Boeing 727 has seen its end or is there anything else that needs to be explored? This exquisite beauty was salvaged by Joanne Ussary from San-Jose Airport. The intention behind this was the vision to craft something beautiful. Joanne spent $2000 to purchase this Boeing 727 and an additional $4000 to just move

24 Awesome Inventions which you never knew you truly needed

It is justly said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Nevertheless, in that respect are many instances where an innovation can prove out to be pretty useful, much more than its real function. Who knew these would turn out to be way too useful than what they were intended to be applied for?

Add Fun in Your Life with 10 Easy Do-It-Yourself Ideas

There is certainly no time for creativity in our busy daily lives. But it is rightly said that chaos makes way for creativity. Here is a list of 10 simple and quick Do-It-Yourself ideas which will make everybody around you turn green with envy! 1) Jazz up your cell phone Cell phones are not just

Math Hacks That Teacher Never Teach You in Class

Are you afraid of Math? Does this subject haunt you at night? Though Math is one of the most valuable subjects we learn in our institution. Still some of us go through a lot of problems with specific tasks and without calculators. Here we are providing some positive math hacks that will change your life

What does your birthmark say about you

We all are entwined by the past and the present when birth marks are indelibly dented onto an individual’s physical body. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, the body has not had enough time between its manifestations to nursing back to health. And secondly, the mind needs to reconnect with the past life trauma