10 benefits of having huge breasts

6) Physical presence:

Bustier women attract attention and somehow have a voice in the room. They are easily recognized and heard. They are often claimed to be a tool for intimidation.

via pinimg

via pinimg

7) Dressing down:

Large breasted women can dress to turn heads around and have fun flaunting their outfits while others only stare at them.

8) Cushions:

Very few things are as soft and as fluffy as the breast tissues. Hence, they act as natural cushions for women.

9) Health:

Women who have huge breasts and full figure tend to live longer rather than those who are skinny.

10) Social ladder:

Women with bigger breasts are considered to get more recognition and social benefits. Larger breasts are as it is, ideal to attract partners for mating.

H/T : positivemed