10 benefits of having huge breasts

It may sound funny but actually having bigger breasts can be a life saver. Read on to know how.

1) Swimming:

According to research, there are adipose tissues present in breasts which might even help the woman stay afloat in water.

2) Fertile:

Larger breasts indicate higher fertility as the hormones needed for fertility are present in abundance.

3) Bearing children:

According to the rules of nature and evolution, the woman with bigger breasts has to take care of her children and she will perhaps never get short of food for her newborn.

4) Keeps warm:

The larger the breasts, the more the adipose tissues which are responsible for keeping warm during winter.

5) Employed:

Huge breasted women carry certain hearsay in the office environment and tend to be progressive in workplaces. They also attain promotions and raises more frequently.