The general benefits of drinking beer for your health

Beer has many health benefits which are not commonly known. These include increased bone density, reducing risk of cardiovascular and coronary disease, anti ageing and so many more. Apart from these, it’s anti stressing and diuretic properties are well known.

Beer is an alcoholic beverage which is most commonly consumed by people in North America and Europe. These are also enjoyed with meals in those countries. In fact, compared to wine, beer has a high protein quotient. Its antioxidant properties though, are equivalent to that found in the wine. Thus, beer plays a vital role in metabolism and also enriches our body with vital minerals. If consumed in moderate quantities, beer can really boost our health in many ways.

Health benefits of beer

If consumed in controlled amounts, beer can be utilized for the betterment of health. Some of the ways in which beer benefits us are:-

Reducing the risk of cancer:- The breweries use a flavanoid called Xanthohumol which actually plays a major role in prevention of cancer, prostrate mainly. They are also good source of polyphenols and help fight cancer.


Recuing risk of cardiovascular cancer:- Beer causes the thinning of blood therefore preventing the clotting of blood in the coronary artery. Occasional beer consumption also prevents cholesterol and plaque accumulation in the blood vessels. It also contains vitamin B6 and reduces the risk of inflammation.

Bone density:- It increases bone density and therefore prevents diseases like osteoporosis. Beer has silicon which gets readily absorbed by the body, preventing osteoporosis.

Prevents diabetes:- Moderate consumption of beer prevents type 2 diabetes.

Prevents anemia:- Beer is rich in folic acid and vitamin B12; deficiency of these compounds causes anemia. The latter compound is also helpful in improving concentration and memory.