Anna Paul Tiktok Viral Video

Anna Paul Tiktok Viral Video.

Influencer Anna Paul has delivered a video bulletin to fans involved in an incident in Perth where the TikTok and OnlyFans star’south promotional upshot descended into crowd chaos and had to be shut down by police.

Paul, 23, has been touring the country as part of her collaboration with activewear brand STAX and had advertised fan come across-and-greet events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

But during her appearance at Perth’s Hay Street Mall on Sunday anarchy erupted when a massive crowd of teenagers turned out to meet the social media star.

Organizers had merely expected 100-300 people to attend, but a significantly larger oversupply showed upwards to the first effect in Sydney and became a forerunner for what was to come in the ones that followed.

A large crowd standing in front of a STAX store, waiting to meet Anna Paul.
Influencer Anna Paul posted a TikTok video for her fans, explaining why police had to shut down a run across-and-greet event.
Twitter / Rangi Hirini

“I thought only, like, 100 people would come,” Paul said in a video posted online on Mon night.

“When in Sydney people started lining up, nosotros were shocked.”

Information technology chop-chop became apparent that crowd numbers had too been underestimated at her side by side appearance in Melbourne, and then Paul said her team hired more than security and chosen Western Commonwealth of australia Police to notify them of her upcoming consequence in Perth.

“STAX ordered and so much security that I thought it was overkill,” she connected.

Merely it ultimately wasn’t enough to safely manage the volume of people who flocked to run into Paul and police were forced to shut the consequence down, saying it couldn’t possibly go on for even “another 20 seconds,” Paul told viewers in the clip.

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Passionate fans chanted her proper noun as they filled the street, while one eager fan even brought a pony to the issue.

“It was OK for the first twenty minutes but cops then said ‘OK nosotros’ve got to shut this downwards (for safe reasons) … There’due south too many people,” she said.

Anna Paul speaking in a TikTok video.
“I thought just, similar, 100 people would come,” Paul said in her TikTok Video.
TikTok / anna..paull

Police said they were forced to act after tensions began to boil over amid the crowd and queue jumping led to several people collapsing and in need of medical assistance.

“Due to the size of the crowd and lack of advisable security and other consequence planning in place to cope with the larger than expected oversupply, and in consultation with the store management, the outcome was closed down and police commenced dispersing the crowd from the area,” a police spokesman said.

According to Paul, police told her “the last time (they) saw something like this was for a Justin Bieber concert,” she said in the video.

“The most important thing out of this whole experience is that nobody got seriously injured,” she said.

“That’s all we cared most. We’re and so grateful for that.

“It should have been ticketed and we know that now, and in the futurity, we will definitely be organizing information technology for a style bigger oversupply. Considering we honestly had no idea how it would turn out.”

A still from Anna Paul's TikTok video.
Ane person said people had camped out overnight to see Paul.
TikTok / anna..paull

Fans were seen lining up for the result at 6 p.m. (EST).

Ane person claimed fans had camped overnight to meet Paul.

“I got there at 12 p.m. (EST) and got to see her but only for a split second and barely could say anything but yet very grateful. Then sad it got canceled,” one said.

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The Queenslander, who has more than five million TikTok fans and ii meg on Instagram, earlier posted to social media apologizing for the outcome beingness canceled and proverb she’d tried to piece of work with constabulary to command it.

“Due to safety, the W(ern) Australian Constabulary had to shut downward the Perth meet and greet early on,” she wrote.

“It became a huge safety take a chance.”

“Thank you for existence amazing,” she wrote.

A still image from Anna Paul's TikTok video.
The TikTok star was grateful that no one got seriously injured during the outcome.
TikTok / anna..paull

“I am then-and then sorry. We tried our best to work with the police but information technology got besides much.”

“Your safety is our #ane concern e’er. I love you.”

The effect was expected to run from x p.m. (EST) – 2 a.chiliad. (EST).

Multiple attendees claimed no i came out to inform them of the cancellation and they merely found out near it through Paul’s Instagram story.

Paul became a social media sensation after fans watched her bloom from a “bankrupt” young woman into a hugely successful content creator.

She recently collaborated with activewear brand “STAX” and created a express-edition collection, which went on presale on Fri.

The collection contains leggings, agile bras, hats, socks, skirts, and dresses.

Anna Paul Tiktok Viral Video