After reading this, You’ll never look at a Banana the same way again

Blood Pressure:

Another blood related problem which is caused due to excess of salt, is blood pressure. Hence this tropical fruit is very high in potassium but yet low in salt. Hence the combination of low salt and high rate of potassium equalizes and stabilizes the pressure of the blood. This eventually prevents blood pressure and stroke problems.


Brain Power:

These days due to lot of work pressure and lots of stuff happening at the same time, our brain sometimes tends to forget things. In our daily lives we must have heard many people complaining about not being alert; this can sound alarming to some people. Hence to see a impact of bananas on brain power a observational research was conducted. In a local school in Twickenham (London, United Kingdom) 200 students were given bananas to eat for all the meals they have in a day.



Have a regular complaint of constipation?? Include a banana in your diet as it help to restore normal bowel action without restoring laxatives.


Bananas have natural antacid effect in the body, so if u suffer from heartburn have an instant soothing relief by having a banana.