43 Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Not just looking to remodel your home, but have the urge to do something way out there and exciting?  Well, here are some suggestions for just that perfect combination of adrenalin and novelty.

#1  Install a Platform in Your Guest Room, Turn It Into a Storage/Guest Room —  Got more things than you know what to do with lying about and not an ounce of extra room to put them in?  You have more room than you think, you just have to find it. Transform your ordinary guest room into a storage/guest room, thus giving it two important uses.  You can neatly conceal your cache of items underneath the floorboards.



#2 Hidden Entrance — If you have a kitchen island, it’s the ultimate location to conceal the entrance to a secret room, whether it be a basement or perhaps a wine cellar, whatever it’s purpose, once you close those cabinet doors beneath your kitchen island, no one will ever know it’s there.


#3 Walk-In Shower — If you want a little less work, converting your shower into a walk-in shower will eliminate having to clean glass.


#4 Convert Your Children’s Bedroom Into a Bunkroom — This works wonderfully if they often have slumber parties.  Only problem with this idea is that there will probably be arguments over who gets to sleep in the bunk.